Anonymous16923 Wrote:
Apr 30, 2012 6:12 PM
How have we infringed on any of your rights. Remember now, according to our Constitution & Bill of Rights, "rights" are "inalienable" & "given to us by our Creator". So let's see if you can cite anything from the Bill of Rights or the Constitution that says "GOPjoke has the right to stir other men's mustard". Go ahead, we'll wait. If you wish to be treated as equals, act like equals, not a bunch of 13 y/o princess with PMS. We are not interested in hearing about your perversion. But what you can't fathom is that the last two statements are true. You also can't fathom that we don't want you spreading your life-taking deathstyle on kids either by legislation or judicial fiat. Go back to your closet, get the hell out of our faces