Jeffrey249 Wrote:
Apr 29, 2012 7:45 AM
So this Jeff Carter advises the HEOTC (Had Enough of This Crap) crowd to back off telling the truth and rule of law so as not to be called 'racist'...isn't that the bs that got Barry Soetoro 'elected'. Once upon a time I read that the oath of office as Illinois state senator, or process to run for that office asks something like "Have you ever used another name?" to which Barry said 'no'..I know, I know...oath? shmoath! He inherited the worst blah, blah, blah brink of disaster..yada, yada, killed bin laden with my decisive,deep-in-my-bunker y'all-go-do-it 'courage'..... Jeff Carter..."this isn’t the table that you should be doing it at. " professional writer? looking for a proofreader or an editor? Probably not.