B-4-REALITY Wrote:
Apr 28, 2012 2:09 AM
I totally agree - it's irrelevant who takes our freedoms. I'm genuinely saddened though - naive, probably, but it's a shame isn't it? We hoped for A PRESIDENT - a leader that would rise above - a leader that would not only lead our country wisely, but that would help us all to become better Americans. I've long been a sinner, a Christian, far from perfect - we are the same - not better - not worse - some try - some don't --color has no bearing! I didn't go to college -I've never made more than 50K a yr...but I want the best for my kids - and for my neighbors I don't even know! We don't have a budget for 1100 days! This is ridiculous! You can't run anything - heck it's fraud at this point! And then the lying - lying like a dog!