Merry Colin in Arizona Wrote:
Apr 27, 2012 3:07 PM
ericynot--- My point was YOUR many comments. They demonstrate that you are extremely uninformed about the costs of illegals in AZ and what the State wants to do to fix it to PROTECT their citizens. You didn't answer my questions and only saw the perceived insult. Should an illegal be able to take that less than 10 buck an hour job from my son? Should he be allowed to drive away at my financial or physical risk? Should he be held to the same laws as me? Is he "entitled" to welfare? Are you a citizen of AZ? Do you really KNOW what our laws are? Have you even READ SB1070? Do you know what benefits to illegals costs our state? Are you paying AZ bills? (I AM!) THAT is my point. From your history, you ought to better understand!