MJ117 Wrote:
Apr 27, 2012 7:15 AM
I was listening to Pickens' support for NG & his tales of his early days in fracking He admitted he was puzzled why there was now trouble with fracking in OH & PA, though I had read that even in that politician's state (OK?) they had earthquake problems (CURIOUS OMISSION) That on top of groundwater mismanagement issues PICKENS HINTED when he was doing it in the 'old days', they didn't get as much gas out of the site as he thinks he should have, possibly alluding to newer technology now being different I really wonder if the NEW TECH being used & the focus on GETTING EVERY BIT AS THE TECH WILL FORCE LOOSE, is why there's this puzzlement from people who want domestic energy but HAVE GHASTLY RESULTS Someone try the old way !