Phyllis157 Wrote:
Apr 26, 2012 3:06 PM
No. And it never says in it that it is the ONLY teaching of Christ. Most of the apostles wrote nothing. They spread out and did exacly what Christ said to do - Go and teach! It started with the early church Fathers. A 3 volume set of books called Fairh of our Fathers by Jurgens are more explicit in how they lived, believed, taught and practised. It is much easier to read. Then multiply the 11 true apostles by 2 each year (their converts to teach) and then by 2000. It was probably many more each year, it is now. That is how many "teachers" out there now ALL TEACHING THE SAME THING //ALL CALLING THEMSELVES THE SAME THING IN THE SAME RELIGION. Think about that and you will find the true church. GOD BLESS ALL!!