CynicsRus Wrote:
Apr 24, 2012 6:48 PM
I live in Maryland. If we 90 inches of snow, it's global warming. If we get a mild winter, it's global warming. The Hurricane forecasters have been wrong for so long, they finally decided that they would quit making forecasts. This means they'll leave it up to the MSP to scare the hell out of everybody. Ethanol. Don't get me started. Do away with all of those subsidies. It rots your engine. It costs more than it's worth to produce, but the subsidies given to the farmers pay them more than if they raise corn just as a food crop. Do you remember the food riots in Mexico? But the lower mileage is a good thing even though most people don't realize it. You have to fill up more often and as a result the Feds and the State get more taxes.