Janeway Wrote:
Apr 21, 2012 12:32 PM
People, Mitt Romney is the nominee. That is not going to change, no matter how you whine, wring your hands, etc. You have a choice - President Obama or President Romney - or you can choose not to vote at all. All the hand wringing will not change it, so if you really want Obama out of power then vote for Romney, if you prefer to keep Obama, then vote for him. Or just stay home and take a long 8 year nap if you just do not want either and refuse to engage in the process. You say you are conservatives but you act like populists. I think Rosanne Barr is running on the Green Party ticket and then their is the Libertarian guy and probably several others that you might like to waste your vote on but that's fine since it is YOUR vote. Romney 2012