Redstatesredkoolaid Wrote:
Apr 19, 2012 2:00 PM
Hey Krazy Katie, love your attempt to make money off of hysteria!!! So explain to me how the program that started under W as Operation Wide Receiver in 2006, and later became Operation Fast and Furious is the "Bloodiest scandal" EVER????? You ever hear about the Gulf of Tonkin? Are you so young that you missed the fabrication of WMD intel? Thousands of Americans died in Vietnam and Iraq, to my knowledge one DEA agent was killed. There is NO doubt whatsoever that Americans purchase and sell over 30,000 guns a year to Mexicans. It's why W initiated Operation Wide Receiver. It is a fact that for the last 30 + years, the majority of guns captured during a criminal act in Mexico, originated in the U.S.