Janeway Wrote:
Apr 18, 2012 10:24 AM
Mr. Bozell, how come you attack Sawyer for just doing her job as a Liberal interviewer. Mitt did fine, it is not necessary to attack the interviewer like Gingrich. Might make you feel good but just isn't smart. As far as attacking Romney, you and much of the right has been relentless for months twisting his words, making fun of him, calling him names like Robotic, boring, no passion, liar, not conservative, etc. Now you don't want the Leftist media to say bad things when you have been doing it for months. Maybe you and Levine, Limbaugh, Ericson, and too many others to mention should just be quiet for a while. Your defense of a really good candidate who can beat Obama and set this country straight is ringing hollow. Romney 2012