S. Davis Wrote:
Apr 17, 2012 3:47 AM
Exactly. Allow me to briefly re-tell of the Col.'s exploits in Iraq... You know he was court-martialed right? He had lost some men to IEDs. When his guys captured a combatant, he suspected the guy knew where the other IEDs would be planted. The guy refused to talk. So Col. West had him kneel, pulled his pistol, and discharged it behind the guys head. The scum bag talked - and soldier's lives were saved. When word got back to HQ, he was court-martialed because, as you know, we gotta play nice-nice with our captured foes. But Col. West fought it and actually wound up acquited of all charges. When asked if it was worth it, he famously replied: "I'd walk through Hell with a gasoline can if it would save the lives of my men."