massagethemedium Wrote:
Apr 16, 2012 2:55 PM
The GOP Leadership in Congress should immediately submit legislation supporting the “AMERICAN FAIR TAX RULE FOR BUFFETT”, as follows: -Mr. Buffett is hereby instructed to pay all of his back taxes owed both as himself, and owed by any and all of his companies (amount estimated in excess of $1.3 billion (If he wins his battle with the IRS, he can choose to leave the money in the Treasury, or get a refund. ) (Note: say “The IRS” as one word). Mr. Buffett is further prohibited from saying he wants to pay more taxes until he pays existing taxes. -The United States of America accepts the generous commitment of Mr. Buffett to pay 30% minimum tax on all income effective immediately. Or pay at least 1 per cent more than his secretary.