Cary17 Wrote:
Apr 14, 2012 10:27 AM
I believe he's right, albeit wrong about WHO it is behind Obama. Obama is a press frontman, a "speech-reader" rather than an actual leader, and better suited to the role currently filled by Mr. Carney than to the role of President. Where Shubi errs is in naming the power behind Obama's construction. That power is a name we seldom if ever hear in the press, but who is currently working behind the scenes with many we DO hear about (including your SDS/Weatherman/Code Pink/Occupy-types, your "global moneymen" types, your por-Caliphate types (especially within Iran, Egypt, and Turkey, but also including domestic groups like the Nation of Islam and their offshoot, the New Black Panthers), the whole "global socialist" movement, and many others.