Free In PA III Wrote:
Apr 12, 2012 5:19 PM
Democrats are the evil power mad b@stards on one side of the aisle; Republicans are the evil power mad b@stards on the other side of the aisle. Between them we have; the war on (some) drugs, unconstitutional gun control, the (un)Patriot Act, TSA, theft of our money (through taxes) to support those who will not work, unelected bureaucrats writing our laws, abuse of the “executive order” power of the President, etc. They use the power of media to divide us into groups; ethnicity, class, liberal/conservative, young/old, etc.. They number 546, counting the 9 black robed tyrants on the Supreme Court, we number over 320 million; and yet we allow them to dictate to us how we should live. Something is wrong with this picture.