Rebecca194 Wrote:
Apr 12, 2012 12:56 PM
You know Mitt Romney's never said he's not rich. To most of us after a certain dollar figure it's all the same. I choose to stay home with my children the very moment I could (mostly that involved affording insurance). We would be making 40,000 dollars a year, a good chunk of that going to insurance. But we would make it. I taught school and I know the best place for a children to be raised is in their own home. Not, what's best for me as the mom, what's best for my children. I know that me being home is best for them, and the hard truth is that it's best for most children. I'm irritated by wealth people ($400,000 a year is wealthy) who act like they are put upon. Obama, if your wife needed to work, then you should have stayed