rvnvmc Wrote:
Apr 12, 2012 12:36 PM
Back in the early 1970's , when I was a niave liberal youth, when I was in the military, I experienced a broken leg. Whilst enjoying said diminished capacity, I was attacked not once, but on two separate occasions, by black men, that I didn't know, for reasons, that I never understood ! My friend, while having a few beers, in his biochemical, in Viet Nam, experienced having a Hand Grenade thrown, by an Unknown Black Marine, explode & areate his life support system, with multiple shrapnel ! Just a couple of reasons why there-to-fore non predjudiced white boys got their eyes opened, to Black Predjudice ! There is No White on Black violent epidemic, but There IS a Black on White violent crime epidemic , that goes largely Unreported !