rvnvmc Wrote:
Apr 12, 2012 12:18 PM
Why doesn't Townhall allow journalist who submit articles, concerning Obama's/Soetoro's Major Felonious Fraud, to be Published ? You know, the one where he is Defrauding the US Gov't. and the People, by pretending to be Eligible for the Office of the Presidency ? Where he claims to be a United States Citizen... 'Natural Born Citizen' , on top of it ! While we all Know that his Natural father was a Foreign Born citizen & his Adopted Father was Also , a Foreign Born Citizen and Both of them gave him Citizenship in Two Foreign Countries ! Kenya, by way of Great Briton as well as Indonesia, where, by the way, he apparently holds a Pass port , on which he traveled to various Muslim nations, prior to changing his name from Barry Soetoro !