ken66 Wrote:
Apr 12, 2012 5:46 AM
The breaking point is closer than the average True, Legal and Law abiding American citizen thinks. Demonizing Capitalism will only lead to more federal government control. When we have almost 50% of this country as LEECHES and we the working CLASS, Just IDLY sit by and say "OH WELL" what can I do. Here is one thing that every LEGAL United States of American citizen can do, That is if you see something that is not right, Take ACTION! You see something like"Voter INTIMIDATION, call some of friends and let them know, the HELL, with da PO PO because they will do nothing. But on the other hand when these SCUMBAGS see that "We The People" are standing up for "OUR RIGHTS" they will scurry and slither away like the snakes they are.