cd13 Wrote:
Apr 11, 2012 9:43 AM
I live here and I see Boortz is whistling past the cemetery or in denial. Many signed recall who had nothing to do with card check and not all who signed were in unions. There is a steady drum beat against Walker that is monolithic in media. Media assume recallers view is the narrative and they get all the favorable publicity. Polls show Walker losing to Falk, Barrett compared to last Fall. If Feingold gets in at last minute, forget it. Unions and Dems have poisoned the air we breathe. Toxic Kool Aid. is everywhere. Turn out is critical for victory. Unions and recallers are enthusiastic to vote. The rest of the public is more indifferent. I do not see any reason Walker should relax. The goons are roling strong right to polling places.