BAILEYpc Wrote:
Apr 09, 2012 12:27 PM
Another HACK writer with a PHONY and WEAK rationale to "rally for O'Romney"! I DO NOT get this! Of all the candidates to go against Obama, O'Romney is the WEAKEST! Like McCain he is NOT getting the base or popular vote from the party voters - ME! He is ONLY getting the support from the "insiders"; the party insiders, wall street insiders and reporters being favored to get their stories. This is a damn CRIME! This story for example is the MOST blatant I have seen yet! Its empty, cites ZERO reason to support O'Romney just like O'Romney's speeches and ads and the basis of this story on a video that is FACTUAL! Its exactly the kind of ad O'Romney had been running against his opponents for months and one from Santorum and ITS OVER! Delusional!