Michael3680 Wrote:
Apr 08, 2012 1:54 PM
"Aura", I fear that you are not keeping up with the facts as they come out. NBC and ABC have both been shown to have edited the 911 tape, making Zimmerman, who is Hispanic, not white, sound racist. The unedited tape shows a different sort of man. As for Conservative showing our "true racist colors," i perceive that you are too young to remember, but I am not. The Civil Rights Bills were opposed, even filibustered by "Liberal" Senators, like Fulbright, Long, Russel, Ervin, Stennis, and, yes, Johnson, and many others, until they were overcome by Republicans, led by Senator Everett Dirksen , of Ilinois. This is easily proven or disproven by consulting the Congressional Record, or the newspapers of the day.