Paula J Wrote:
Apr 05, 2012 6:51 PM
Back in the day...we used to call using all the "parts"...everything but the squeal and the dogs, sausage, head cheese, scrapple, liverwurst or BOLOGNA...this process is high in protein and not at all a bad, or unwholesome thing. Most of the liberal snobs I know have no freaking clue where food comes from or how it's made. It kills me that the snobbery-they hate capitalism BTW- feel so good about themselves for spending 10X more than they need to for food that is touted as local, free range....blah blah...but most of the government regulations prevent those of us with things to sell from doing so. The cheap, local groceries often have more local and more whole foods than the "Green Bag" places touting "whole foods".