SageAdvice29 Wrote:
Apr 05, 2012 11:17 AM
How many of you remember back in 1980 how the pride in being an American had sank to a level close to what it is today. That November Americans wised up and tossed the incompetent Jimah Carter out on his ear..... We replaced the Crapheaded scum with the great Ronald Reagan. Then folks like Lee Greenwood began making popular, songs like, "God Bless the USA." Once again folks started to feel pride in being an American. 2012 is clearly a repeat of 1980, only worse. The Crapheads under the Obutthole regime have successfully managed to once again destroy pride in being an American. This economy is worse than the one Jimah Carter drove us into. And, God has all but been driven from our shores by these libturds.