Cecil46 Wrote:
Apr 05, 2012 10:07 AM
And this scenario?: Travon, nothing like the adorable picture taken as an innocent 12-yr old, has in the intervening 5 years, been listening to the racist rantings of the REV Jesse Jackson and his ilk, resented being observed in his wanderings by a person he considered a racist white. He approaches the observer, saying "You got a problem?" The observer turns, says "No." The young black teen, 6 inches taller than his "observer", says, "Well, you do now", and puts a fist in his face, knocking him down. The innocent teenager proceed to sit on the prone observer and smash his nose and bang his head on the ground. Observers cries for help go unanswered, so he manages to pull his concealed carry and stops the beating. There are witnesses.