David1104 Wrote:
Apr 04, 2012 8:58 AM
"It's often said that Obama will respond to Romney's attacks by saying the mandate was based on Romneycare. Romney will respond, "Well, you did it wrong" and promise to repeal and replace the law. All the voters really need to know is that Romney is against Obamacare. Besides, Romney will have plenty of other lines of attack: the raid on Medicare, the rationing board, the tax hikes, the religious liberty issues, the creation of a vast new entitlement when the existing ones are crushing us with debt, etc." But, Mr Goldberg, RomneyCare has all those things in some form or fashion. Your "logic" on how Romney can explain away the fact that ObamaCare is wrong while RomneyCare is OK isn't logic at all, it's called "rationalization".