David356 Wrote:
Apr 03, 2012 8:45 PM
Kids, kids, step back and take a long look. The fix is in. Kagen called her former boss friday night and clued him in on the SCOTUS vote. BHO hits the prompter and 'warns' the Justices yesterday and does a head fake with the Freudian slip. He then hits the podium today with this blather. He will continue to throw rocks, and dodge a few for the next several weeks causing some to scratch their heads and take the fake. When the SCOTUS says the healthcare law is cool all will be forgotten during the victory laps and the slide into term 2 home. It's all planned kids - no matter how wacky it gets. Just what is that ace up their sleeves if SCOTUS show that they too have been bought off? You know there's one there - look out!