Curt190 Wrote:
Apr 03, 2012 7:36 PM
Libertarians are by definition amoral. Free prostitution, free access to drugs, just I'm OK you're OK as long as you don't tell me my current lifestyle detached from thousands of years of history, debauched, you know, what our parents knew, sex, drugs and, just look at sixties and seventies rock stars, looking like dead men walking from their libertarian lifesyles. Also, am I not on a conservative website, or am I on Lewrockwell,com, the I'm OK you're Ok website, just let me keep my money and I'll vote for Ron Paul? He's the 76 year old guy you wish you knew in college during the seventies. I get to keep my money, and my debauched lifestyle, girls gone wild great, except for the daughter of a grown up father/