12-String Infidel Wrote:
Apr 02, 2012 12:47 PM
I usually enjoy Ann's commentary, but she seems to loathe the Tea Party and has seemingly emerged as another mouthpiece for the GOP establishment. Case in point: Her support of John Kyl as a possible VP choice for Romney over Marco Rubio. As much as I really do admire John Kyl, I don't want him to be the "next in line" for the POTUS race in 2016 when folks like Rubio, Allen West, and even Sarah Palin would be better choices to get this country moving in the right direction after four years of Obama and (hopefully) four years of Romney. This "next in line" nonsense got us decisive losses with Dole and McCain and is a remnant of the partisan 'boys club' that represents the 20th century GOP. It's time to embrace the Tea Party or lose big.