BigUgly Wrote:
Apr 01, 2012 9:46 AM
"What if Spike got the right Zimmerman and his cabal charged in and beat and/or killed a man who had yet to be given due process under the law?" What? Zimmerman has already HAD his "due process" under the law. The police investigated the incident and found that Zimmerman was justified UNDER THE LAW to use deadly force again a punk who attacked him, had him on the ground, beating him. Zimmerman, as "watch captain" was simply doing his job, ensuring that the neighborhood remained 'safe'. This n-punk decided to 'whip-up on the white boy' that had followed him. So, as Zimmerman was getting into his vehicle, Trayvon blindsided him and 'whipped-up' on him. Trayvon got "trayvoned" .... permanently.