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You are kidding, aren't you? I mean about flagrantly breaking the law?
Well they are only here to better themselves but what price we have to pay for that.
They are determined to take the United States over and make it like what they came from which makes this country look like a bunch of idiots to let it happen. Someone/anyone that lets it happen cannot be for the people of the United States!
That's right, when we have dug ourselves out of the hole they helped put us in and begin to recuperate , they will pour back to the United States so they can steal what we have earned and our laws allow this to happen unless it is enforced by SOMEONE! The anchor baby thing needs to be stopped too. When they cross the border to drop a load for us to carry, it needs to be stopped.
Where i live and work, its hard to hear English spoken. Someone needs to check these things out before writing an article.
And they had a good laugh too while we were picking up their tab too.
No it hasn't went away, not where i live anyway. Who are they trying to deceive? They are in my face every day and the numbers has not decreased. I don't see as many pregnant mexicans as i used to but we still have plenty.
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