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Just want to say, a great post. Thank you.
That one line explains Kurts entire article. I recall my Grandmother telling me she was told this by her Mother and Grandmother. Must be a very old saying. Even when reading ancient history we come across lines that we recognize. There is a term for such truism but cannot recall it. Should be required reading for every grade school student. If they cannot learn them why send them on to high school?
Pre & Post "QE". I fall into that category of too small to succeed. A little example. Required 3 graduated mixing buckets for Epoxy. Pre QE, 3 for $5 dollars. Post QE, 3 for $12 dollars. How long has QE been around? Going on six years? Yes, I know, there has been no inflation. How do I know? Because the Federal Reserve tells me so. Just because it takes more money to buy something does not mean inflation. So much for seven years at University! To continue. Third times a charm. Drove 60 miles to three places. Took about an hour and a half. For me that is 6 gallons of Diesel, $23 dollars. If I count shop time that is $52 dollars. So those 3 plastic buckets cost my business $87 dollars. In my simple mind that is a lot more than five dollars. Why did I not just go across the ally to the hardware store, or down the street to the lumber yard? Because they were too small to succeed! Even though both had been in business since 1930. The big chain stores like Home Depot and Walmart have run them out of business. To conclude. Had a similar job in 2007 so I took that price and added 30 percent. I came within $108 dollars of losing money on the job. But no problem, there is no inflation.
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Is There Wage Stagnation?

usathoughts Wrote: Mar 28, 2014 7:55 PM
Once suggested to me the following. (Fits the times) Have a valid corporation to achieve this. Hire friends and family having a hard time. Pay them and collect the proper taxes for the IRS. Then lay them off after 6 months. Under current conditions they will receive Unemployment insurance for a long time. It also allow entry into 170 Federal Agencies for additional assistance. Even after the Insurance payments run out these Federal Agencies will step in to compensate. Have found that the democrats game the system in this manner whenever possible. But consider that if you are a Republican play by the rules or the IRS will hang you out to dry. There is no honor in this but family & friends come first.
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Dem Pollster: Yep, We're in Trouble

usathoughts Wrote: Mar 26, 2014 6:27 PM
Your Democrat Politician………. NOT what we voted for, thats why we will fix it! Question from little ole Tea Party Grandma …… How you-all know what was in it? You didn't bother to read it …. you all said so yourselves. So how do you fix what you don't know. You sure enough made the biggest law ever. Gonna touch all 316 million Americans. You say the best health system in the world gonna be better and affordable. But, how did you know? You did not read it. Well, like my paw says, that dog don't hunt!
You are aware of obamas informative years? Nobody, but nobody on this planet escapes this mind imprint. Bluntly put, once a Muslim, always a Muslim.
You speak out of both sides of your mouth? Is this some kind of democrat thing?
I found the secret! Don't print money in your basement. Print Treasury Notes. As they are worthless anyway can't get you for counterfeiting! I'm hoping the DNC will exchange worthless Dollars for them. Why not? Seems to work for the Democrats.
As a democrat would say…. foolish man!
Obvious you are well acquainted with your neighbor. Neglected to mention what you did to help her. I live in a GOP area, small town, in the country. When it comes to helping our neighbors we do not ask what their politics are. As to committing fraud you do so by omission. You speak to Medicare and Medicaid. While those you refer to speak of the general market. You are either poorly informed or dance to a different agenda.
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