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Black Unemployment

usathoughts Wrote: Apr 18, 2013 1:55 PM
A story Mr. Williams would appreciate. While in college and working a summer job became friends with a young man of Negro descent. We hung out together at work and when I met with college friends he would tag along. (Note that he had a responsible job at the plant.) It was soon discovered he was very bright but had a bad mental handicap. He did not believe he could make it in a 'white mans world'. Even though his plant position spoke to the opposite. Well, his words became for us a 'have to do project' to change his mind. Our college, Cal Poly, an engineering school had a 'set aside' program, (not affirmative action). This with the help of sponsors allowed him to be tested for aptitude and general knowledge level. He passed. cont.

A couple of weeks ago, Black Entertainment Television founder Bob Johnson, speaking at The National Press Club, said the nation "would never tolerate white unemployment at 14 and 15 percent." Black unemployment has been double that of white Americans for more than 50 years. The black youth unemployment rate is more than 40 percent nationally. In some cities, unemployment for black working-age males is more than 50 percent. Let's look at this, but first let's look at some history.

From 1900 to 1954, blacks were more active than whites in the labor market. Until about 1960, black male labor force...