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You mean immigrants have to be in the country legally, must be contributing members of society and not be a drain on the government? That's quite a novel idea. No wonder you don't see advertisements for Mexican food stamps in America. God you libs are ignorant as to how the real world works.
You would be hard pressed to find a more disgusting and insulting example of the left's hypocrisy regarding race than this instance right here. Instead of focusing on "white privilege" how about you look at the complete lack of ANY credible black leaders with integrity. Why the initiators of this program are still employed is mind boggling.
I would love Barnicle to back up his anti-Semitic argument with ANY facts that show it to be true. It's so sad that racism is still a credible argument in any situation the MSM talks about as it is as tired as the "it's Bush's fault" argument. It's time to stand up to these race baiters and not allow them to intimidate us with this lame, cop-out excuse.
Because, you know, nobody knows more about labor than a lefty lawyer...pathetic
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Brown Shirts at ECU

USAPA Wrote: Feb 21, 2013 9:37 PM
I used to be a once proud ECU Pirate but now I am afraid that my alma mater has drank the kool aid and gone the way that most institutions of higher learning have gone. No one should be "forced" to do anything that they do not believe in. The only thing forcing someone to do something accomplishes is an increased level of resentment. They can kiss my alumni donations goodbye.
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