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MrL53 "It guarantees the right for civilians to bear arms, yes, but for a "well-regulated militia." That means police and military." Speaking of "not reading" - and understanding the "full text of the 2nd Amendment." Because, you see, "well-regulated" didn't mean then what you believe it does. It meant "well-trained, led, and orderly; efficient." So your opinion - and it IS opinjion - is worth c r a p. Must be nice to own your own facts, huh?
A funny thing here. Guns are merely a tool, they are neuutral. However, people change; societies change. So explain to me how it is that few incidents ever occurred before, say, 1965, at a time when there were as many firearms *and* much weaker gun-control laws? Gee, you understand what "changed" during the mid-60s, don't you? Coincidental with these things beginning to occur? That's right, LBJ and his "Great Siciety" and the coming of age of you weepy, kumbayaaa bastards.
"...and the peace and freedom loving peoples of the USSR. " Yes, I am fairly certain that with Stalin, there were tens of millions of "peaceful" Russians. Dead is pretty "peaceful" after all. Just another "Perq" of a Socialist/Communist government.
Hardly surprising. After all, National Socialism was a movement of the Left.
It was a certain Presidential candidate who went to Bush and asked him, pretty please, we *need* TARP. Until then, Bush wasn't going for it. FYI.
Her story has repeatedly changed from "she didn't know" to that it was "OK," as it was confirmed (and it wasn't), and then it was to "network." The "I didn't know" claim is mabsurd, as those directories and journals are used daily by lawyers, particularly at her level. In short, she has knowingly committed fraud and a severe ethical violation. Theoretically, she could be disbarred for it.
There are simple, bottom-line facts about the Warren issue:\ She knowingly had herself listed in various journals and directories as of Native American extraction going back to 1988. None of those just assume, the individual has to specifically state this to be included in the publications. The understand of her purported ethnic heritage is and was unsubstantiated innuendo via "family stories." The NE Genological Society has been unable to find a shred of evidence for her claim. She claims she didn't do it for any benefit, but she is the only lawyer (as I understand it) at Harvard, at her level, who did *not* graduate from one of the top-ten law schools nationally.
Also read Hans Spakovsky, another former DOJ Lawyer who is in the same mold as Adams.
Moreso: Obama is precisely the kind of guy who wouldn't make the decision on his own, he'd go around asking everyone else's opinion too - share the blame if it goes wrong.
You think he would even have survuved to make it back home? If he was there, no doubt he was one of those REMFs whose service gets a bit...inflated when speaking to other Vets.
Hey, maybe Romney can put her into his pet carrier on the car roof, just like Seamus. She'd work well...she's a mutt to begin with.
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