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Right, ""Most of the weapons." http://security.blogs.cnn.com/2011/09/07/exclusive-libyan-missiles-looted/ Moron.
Actually, correction: "Sybil," coincidentally, has appeared in this thread as yet another sock puppet.
This is why I only post rarely here. Some Trolls are beyond the pale. What's the name, "Sylvia" or some such? That persona has more faces than a Kabuki dancer.
Hey, 'Bam - did you reach this Earth-shattering revelation here, or while on vacation in Hawaii?
So you prefer a President whose all about pointing a finger, almost daily, and blaming everyone in sight for everything under the sun? Whining like a thwarted little juvenile delinquent? Hmm HMM.
'I Will Use Inaugural Address, State of the Union to Blame GOP' And in exchange. someone should say out loud, right in front of the cameras, what a whiny little wuss you are.
Yes, so clearly us Veterans, who risk life and limb and give up the best years of our lives - and mind you, in a profession that is so insanely dangerous that no private insurer will carry you - deserves no benefits of this nature? Yet, were I merely a left-handed, one-legged illegal Guatemalan Lesbian, that's *not* Socialism, and thus it's OK? By the way, these benefits for Veterans are Contractual, not an entitlement. I earned them. What did Tanika do? Crank out six different kid by as many absentee fathers?
Too many fail to grasp the purpose behind the 2nd Amendment: to defend the citizenry against a tyrannical government. It should really dismay you, when a pack of politicians and some weepy Lefty Loons start calling for it's repeal, or "governmental control" over all (ill-defined) firearms.
The constant retreats were actually good strategy. Given the size of the colonies, and that the British were at the wrong end of a several thousand mile supply chain, as long as Washington kept the Continental Army moving around, intact, he hadn't ever actually lost.
MrL53 "It guarantees the right for civilians to bear arms, yes, but for a "well-regulated militia." That means police and military." Speaking of "not reading" - and understanding the "full text of the 2nd Amendment." Because, you see, "well-regulated" didn't mean then what you believe it does. It meant "well-trained, led, and orderly; efficient." So your opinion - and it IS opinjion - is worth c r a p. Must be nice to own your own facts, huh?
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