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Obama Administration Misleads the Country on Tax "Cuts"

upwithRomney Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 5:57 PM
rewriting history neither helps us nor gets us elected. The reality is that we have to stop telling ourselves that much of this wasnt cause by Bush's policies (remember the ownership society that encouraged too many to buy homes they couldnt afford)? Remember the wars we fought at the rate of $2billion/week without paying for them? Remember Part D or "No child left behind", both unfunded. No, I am afraid that we can tell ourselves these stories but the American people are not buying it and no longer am I. Mitt should have won in a landslide but people just dont believe us any more.

The White House is promoting the extension of the Bush Tax Cuts for the middle class (which should really be called the Obama-Bush Tax cuts, since Obama extended them in 2010) as exactly that, tax cuts. But the truth is, an extension of the tax cuts wouldn't be a cut at all, but would keep tax rates at the current rate. The Obama admnistration is implying on the official website that a tax cut is coming for the middle class when in reality if a deal is made by January 1, middle class families won't see a tax...