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Could Ronald Reagan Get Elected Today?

upwithRomney Wrote: Nov 09, 2012 2:18 PM
But he could (and did) also compromise and understand common sense solutions without resorting to polemics and ideology. He could understand that sometimes tax increases were necessary. He could understand that being tough did not require us to spend billions and billions of dollars in unnecessary wars frought with waste , abuse, and fraud. He could understand that you could argue with the other side without demonizing them. He wouldnt survive a primary anywhere any more. We have lost at least 6 senate seats (I would contend 8) by nominating unacceptable candidates through the primary process.

Popular theory suggests Reagan was too moderate for today’s GOP, but the experts disagree.


From Townhall Magazine's November Perspectives by Kyle Bonnell:

Questioning Ronald Reagan’s electability in today’s political environment has become a preoccupation of today’s liberals. As this story goes, Ronald Reagan was too moderate and compromising for the tea party-infested, intransigent and ideologically rigid Republican Party. But is it true?

Not according to Edwin Meese, President Reagan’s Attorney General.

“If you look at his...

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