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And more than a few of those with an above median IQ. You guys just dont realize do you. You are telling yourself a story that only idiots and morons can support taxes on the ultra rich and elimination of the sequestor. You are wrong. Hitler had dreams of gotdammerang in which the world ended in a viking fire if he could not win. . . . .that is what many of you sound like.
Perfect? What now this is religion? Thou shalt have no other Gods before me. Forgot that did you?
I think that we have called it that and a few other things. We have stopped trying to be strategic and representative of the U.S. and started to just try to ruin everything. I am still a conservative but I am damned sure that I am not a Republican anymore.
yea, 26 bills restricting womens' rights, 33 bills defunding Obamacare, 19 bills naming federal buildings. . . . just about nothing else. . .called by "The Conservative Standard", the least effective Congress in over 100 years.
Yea, about 60 million Americans. Is it possible that they see something you dont?
Other than the economy you mean?
Unbelievable. This place is turning into a Klan site.
It actually is true if you do not count either the TARP or the Stimulus which GWB started.
Is this the way to treat our veterans????
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