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The WaPo Kerry Endorsement: Curious and Curiouser

upsidedownjack Wrote: Dec 29, 2012 7:49 PM
What don't make sense is giving out "O" Phone's to people that already have 5 "O" Phone's. Or giving the Non Workers a House/Car/Phone/Free School meals/Everything and not having them take urn test or having them do some kind of Work for the City/County/State for the What ever they get for (F--KEN) FREE!

Editor's Note: This column was coauthored by Bob Morrison.

The editorial staff of the Washington Post, surely meant well. They wanted readers to think that Sen. John Kerry’s vast experience in foreign policy over four decades equips him to serve as Secretary of State in the second Obama administration.

The editorial, titled “John Kerry: Well-suited to be Secretary of State,” gets that part right. The natty Mr. Kerry certainly looks the part of a globe-trotting senior U.S. diplomat.

As to his qualifications for that role, we’re reminded of Frederick the Great’s response when he was urged to make a less...