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Jeff Flake Wins Arizona Senate Race

upsidedownjack Wrote: Nov 07, 2012 9:34 AM
This is a Bright day starting here in Texas. But The start of the Darkest Day's for "america". For America is no longer the Home of the Brave, but now is the "home" of the for FREE! Going from a Republic form of Government to a Social Communist form in Four year's! There is, I fear, not much HOPE for any CHANGE of again becoming a country of FREEMEN. While there are more that WANT FREE, than there is Men who want to be FREE! May my GOD, BLESS what was AMERICA!

With 57% of the votes in, it looks like the Republican in the Arizona senate race, Jeff Flake, has pulled out a victory. Jeff Flake was facing Democrat Richard Carmona and had quite the battle. However, with the votes counted so far Flake is showing a win with 51% of the vote, and Carmona with 45%.

Flake had pulled ahead in the polls in the last couple weeks. He had performed well in the debates and out raised Carmona over the last couple weeks. This has helped Republicans maintain their numbers in the Senate to prevent a major shift...