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There is that movement. There is also a movement to take back STATES Right's. 10th Amendment. But we MUST remember the 2nd! For there will never be an Honest Government with out the RIGHT of People to TAKE BACK!
The "Unite States of America" WAS NEVER a Democracy! The United States is/WAS a REPUBLIC! Think. The Republic of the United States of America! F----! Learn your History! At one time America was Filled with Men who wanted to be "FREEMEN"! Now America is Filled with Coward's who want FREE! Try growing some Ball's and again become a MAN! America, the Beautiful! May God Bless you, may you rest in Peace!
Judd, just another Communist for the "american" people to have LEADING them to the Gates of Hell!
I find it hard to believe that Bill is still alive! Killed Police and brags about getting away with it! Where is the retired (of the person) Police? Or Family? Uncle Gueito, where are you?
We as AMERICANS are Screwed. SCOTUS! My a$$, will america ever be FREE again? NO?KNOW/
This is a Bright day starting here in Texas. But The start of the Darkest Day's for "america". For America is no longer the Home of the Brave, but now is the "home" of the for FREE! Going from a Republic form of Government to a Social Communist form in Four year's! There is, I fear, not much HOPE for any CHANGE of again becoming a country of FREEMEN. While there are more that WANT FREE, than there is Men who want to be FREE! May my GOD, BLESS what was AMERICA!
And you are ASKING for 4 more year's of FREE? Try going to Cuba and Keep wearing your "CHE T" Shirt!
THE RED Cross, like the UNITED WAY Both KEEP aprox $0.96 out of EVERY DOLLAR Given! SALVATION ARMY, like the "LION'S" Club International give $0.96 to $1.00 of Every DOLLAR goes to the Cause. The RED Cross if FOR the red cross!
Member's of the "LION'S" Club International also Gives 100% of ALL money given to a Disaster relief to the Disaster. THAT IS 100% of the money! Call your local "Lion's" Club!
Giving to the RED Cross is like giving Money to the Federal Government! Out of EVERY $1.00, APROX $0.94 goes to the RED CROSS OVERHEAD! Give to the Salvation ARMY and the number is quite different For Every $1.00 APROX $ 0.04 goes to overhead. APROX $0.96 goes to the People in Trouble! Screw the RED CROSS, United WAY is as BAD as red cross. Give to your Local for your LOCAL People!
A Gift of $Money$ to the RED Cross is a Gift to the CEO who make's more than a Million Dollars a year! AN out of EVERY $1.00, given to them aprox $0,04 makes it to the one's in need! Salvation Army when you give to them it's like $0.97 of EVERY Dollar goes to the one's in NEED! Screw The RED CROSS!
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