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And now the RNC will make the Senators VOTE for the POS Hagel. Except the UN, Agenda #21, Open Borders, Gun Control. FREE PHONES FOR EVERYONE!!!! Bunch of GUTLESS SOB's!
The "republican" Party as we now know it will NEVER take anything back. Until they come to understand that WE the People of the United States of America, not only want but are DEMANDING an Honest and open Federal Government. One that will hear the Man/Woman on the Street working and living in this once Great Country. The Republic of the U.S.A. is being Taken over by the RINO Communist Scumbag's along with the Communist Party of the DNC! WAKE UP! It may be too late. You already have allowed a Traitor to be come Sect. of State! John Kerry should have been Discharged out of the U.S.N. with a DISHONORABLE, for that is what he is! And that is what he has Done, as an "officer" and a so called "gentleman".
It's a not about the GUN, it's about CONTROL!!! I have something that will End 99% of all these thing happening. Everyone Carry's a Firearm!!!!
Hummmm, and who and what Party was the Pres, when the Congress allowed the Federal Banking System to be formed? And why, was the FED formed? And did the FED ever live up to the promise of not allowing American Bank's to screw the People that were the Disposer's in the Bank's? And have you looked at who, and what the FED is doing to Protect you money? Think that is going well? Need to go back to school and learn that one can not Print there way out of Bankruptcy! Or Debt! Oh, by the way is your Free Phone working for you? How about your Power bill's or are you living in the basement of your Communist Father?
And what Political system would you be Talking about? Democratic, or, REPUBLIC? For if you know "dip" about anything you know that the Republic of the United States of America, IS A REPUBLIC, and (not) a Democratic Form of Government don't YOU?? Please go back to the "aol" huffinting teabagging post
So, when you go to buy your Cheap wine using your Welfare Money, you don't want to have to show your ID either? What about Driving, down the road DRUNK< think you might need to show something to the Police for that? Don't use the I'm POOR BS. It's as Bad as use the RACE CARD! BUTTHOLE!
One who cover's his/her, back Ground for reason's not reveled, could not and Will not ever tell the TRUTH! One can tell the Worth in a MAN by the Honor he hold's himself! To tell the TRUTH even if no one would ever know. To Stand for Honor is truly a Sign of an HONEST Man!
What don't make sense is giving out "O" Phone's to people that already have 5 "O" Phone's. Or giving the Non Workers a House/Car/Phone/Free School meals/Everything and not having them take urn test or having them do some kind of Work for the City/County/State for the What ever they get for (F--KEN) FREE!
And yet this POS (ayers) is "teaching" in a School that so called Adults PAY for there Children to "Learn", WHAT? COMMUNISM? How to shoot Police? Rob Bank's? Kid Nap Children? Burn Down Building's? Un-F--ken Believable! Fool's and there money! Pay more Fool's with there money!
that is IF we ever have another Election! Comrade!
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