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Bill Ayers: ‘Dear President Obama: Congratulations!’

upsidedownjack Wrote: Nov 08, 2012 10:00 AM
I find it hard to believe that Bill is still alive! Killed Police and brags about getting away with it! Where is the retired (of the person) Police? Or Family? Uncle Gueito, where are you?
Among the well-wishers for President Obama’s triumphant re-election is Chicago pal and domestic terrorist-turned-professor Bill Ayers.

Writing on the website, Ayers writes:

“Dear President Obama: Congratulations!

“I’m sure this is a moment you want to savor, a time to take a deep breath, get some rest, hydrate, regain your balance, and take a long walk in the sunshine. It might be as well a good time to reflect, rethink, recharge, and perhaps reignite. I sincerely hope that it is, and I urge you to put education on your reflective agenda.”

While Ayers has in...