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Bill Ayers: Leftist Power is in Schools

upsidedownjack Wrote: Dec 13, 2012 10:14 AM
And yet this POS (ayers) is "teaching" in a School that so called Adults PAY for there Children to "Learn", WHAT? COMMUNISM? How to shoot Police? Rob Bank's? Kid Nap Children? Burn Down Building's? Un-F--ken Believable! Fool's and there money! Pay more Fool's with there money!

Terrorist turned teacher Bill Ayers appeared at a recent Big Apple gathering of “Change the Stakes,” an anti-testing group comprised mostly of teachers and parents. At least two employees of the New York City Board of Education were there as well.

EAGnews obtained exclusive video of the event and will be releasing more clips in the coming days.

But first we would like to present Ayers’ statement on the power of radical socialist educators in today’s public schools. It should send chills down every parent’s spine.


Ayers explained to his audience that leftists wrongly put their...