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It appears to me that the *real* objective being pursued by the protesters is REVENGE and not justice!
It's like the author of this post and several posters didn't actually watch the video of this incident. 1. Journalists have no special dispensation to remain in an area being cleared by police for the safety of the public. 2. The journalists refused to comply with a legitimate order from the police. 3. The police *DO* have the right to arrest those who refuse to follow legitimate orders from the police. I saw nothing wrong in what the police officer did in this situation. I would have done exactly the same to someone disobeying a legitimate order. There were a limited number of police officers trying to clear the area. To stand around arguing with two idiots who thought that they had some kind of special dispensation would have been counterproductive to public safety. There were other areas that needed to be cleared.
if Israel was still firing into Gazq the press would be all over it. More likely an accident by explosive=carrying Hamas.
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The Patriotism of Prosperity

upside22 Wrote: Aug 13, 2014 7:32 AM
It's called FASCISM. Government control of business and capital. Fascism is the first phase of Marxism, followed by Socialism and then Communism. Obama is showing his Marxist roots in thinking the government can tell businesses where they must locate and how they must operate. If Congress and Obama conspire to come up with legislation and/or regulations meant to target specific corporations for punishment without the benefit of due process they will be violating the Constitutional prohibition against Bills of Attainder. Of course it would not surprise me in the slightest to see the Obama and the Marxist Democrats try to come up with a Bill of Attainder. It would just be one more instance of their disdain for our Constitution.
Boomberg is a racist. He can't stand having a black sheriff. Time to call out Democrats on their racism.
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The Lie Behind DACA's Legal Defense

upside22 Wrote: Aug 05, 2014 5:25 PM
Why don't we just send everyone in Mexico and Central America a voucher for a bus ride to the US and a green card to be used when they get here? I agree with Lubby. This immigrant may have worked hard in school but every working person in the US paid her way in property taxes, sales taxes, and income taxes. I would not hesitate a second in ripping up her DACA card -- and I would tell her to go to the nearest US embassy and apply for a permanet resident status just like every one else.
Let Hamas get away with using human shields and pretty soon you will see terrorists with babies tied to their chest. Does it then *ever* become the fault of the terrorist when the baby dies while there is fighting?
Notice carefully what Krueger talks about. He talks about LEGAL immigration being a good thing. He totally avoids answering about *illegal* immigration.
It's all supply and demand. More investment means higher productivity and higher production. More supply means lower prices. Lower prices means more spending (i.e. demand). More demand means more supply -- i.e. jobs. Marxist Democrats have to fail an economics test before they will be accepted into the party.
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