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I'm sorry but doing the *right* thing is far more important. If some people are late to the concert, too bad. If even ONE family member of a soldier buried at Arlington can't get there to honor their sacred fallen hero then shame, SHAME on DC Metro!
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Barack W. Obama

upside22 Wrote: 9 hours ago (8:33 AM)
George Bush still lives in Obama's head. Obama reflexively does the exact opposite of what he thinks Bush would do and that leads to Obama making many terrible decisions. It lies at the root of much of his indecision -- he procrastinates while trying to figure out what Bush would do so he can do the opposite. The problem is that most of what Bush did was right -- even though Obama and the Marxist Democrats won't admit it. So Obama just winds up doing the wrong things!
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Criminalizing Innocent Christian Behavior

upside22 Wrote: 10 hours ago (7:30 AM)
Since when do churches *HAVE* to claim tax exempt status in order to be considered a church? Isn't that the state determining what a church *is*? That *is* the crux of the state's claim -- that this is a public business because it is not tax exempt. Seem's to me that the state can't decide whether this is a church or not. That is up to the proprietors. And since they are performing religious services the state is trying to control their religious beliefs.
"Inflation-adjusted federal tax revenues" I'm not sure this is correct. According to usgovernmentrevenue.com the actual federal revenue was $3.02T. It does not indicate that this is an inflation-adjusted total. If it is *not* inflation adjusted then it is *barely* more revenue that Bush had in 2006 and 2007. When adjusted for inflation those revenues come out to about $2.95T. In other words, Obama hasn't really grown our tax base at all. Is anyone surprised?
"The Justice Department says more than 600,000 of those voters, mostly blacks and Hispanics, lack eligible ID." *WHY* do 600,000 voters in TX not have eligible ID? TX *actually* has that many citizen minorities living totally off the grid? That's unbelievable. "College students IDs aren't acceptable, but concealed handgun licenses are." That's because student ID's usually don't have an expiration date nor is citizenship a requirement to obtain one. Concealed handgun licenses have both, an expiration date and a background check.
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When Duty Doesn't Call

upside22 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 9:31 AM
Want to *really* make a splash? Require that every voter dip their finger in a jar of indelible ink after they have voted. You will be identified as having voted so you can't vote twice. It might even shame some people into exercising their duty as voters. It won't necessarily stop those who are not citizens from voting but those people should be caught at registration time, not at voting time. It seems like a too simple of an idea for the politicians to even consider I guess.
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Answering Ted Olson

upside22 Wrote: Oct 14, 2014 9:22 AM
"The state confers benefits on opposite-sex couples " Government cannot bestow "rights" upon people. Government can only bestow entitlements. Civil marriage *is* an entitlement, not a right. The claim that "equal protection" under the law somehow entitles homosexuals to the entitlement of civil marriage is ludicrous on its face. If that were true then each and every citizen of the US would be entitled to receive food stamps, welfare, and Social Security with no restrictions. The People, through their elected representatives *do* have the power to determine who they wish to bestow entitlements on. Daniel Patrick Moynihan warned this nation of the dangers of continually defining deviancy downward. Each incremental step brings the culture closer to failure and dissolution. Moynihan: "Our second, or opportunistic mode of redefinition, reveals at most a nominal intent to do good. The true object is to do well, a long-established motivation among mortals. In this pattern, a growth in deviancy makes possible a transfer of resources, including prestige, to those who control the deviant population. This control would be jeopardized if any serious effort were made to reduce the deviancy in question. This leads to assorted strategies for re-defining the behavior in question as not all that deviant, really." That is *exactly* what has happened with gay marriage.
The graphs are *certainly* useful for use in analyzing the labor market today. Did you *actually* bother to even look at them? Or is this just a liberal troll?
It appears to me that all of these graphs and analyses make one fundamental mistake. Taking Soc Sec *used* to mean retirement, i.e. stopping work. That is *NOT* the case any longer. There are a lot of people like me that started taking SS at age 62 so I could lower withdrawals from my 401K since my 401k grows better than SS does. I *still* work. I am *still* employed. More and more of the 65-up cohort are in the same boat I am in. Even though I took SS I am *not* contributing to the drop in the labor force participation rate. If you look at Table A.6 of the BLS report (non-seasonally adjusted) you find: Men, 16-64 Participation rate: Sept, 2013=35.3%; Sept, 2014=33.1% employed-to-population ratio: Sept, 2013=30.2%; Sept, 2014=28.4% Women 16-64 Part. rate: Sept, 2013=29.7; Sept, 2014=29.1% empl to pop: Sept, 2013=25.5%; Sept, 2014 = 25.3% 65-up (both genders) Part rate: Sept, 2013=7.1%; Sept, 2014=7.2% empl to pop: Sept, 2013=6.7%, Sept, 2014=6.7% You can see that the drops in the 16-64 age group is where the participation rate and employed-to-population ratio are both falling -- even in the face of Obama's so-called recovery. This cohort is where the greatest contribution to the fall in the participation rate is occurring. Yet for the 65-up cohort, it's employed-to-population ratio remains the same, while the population is going UP. That means the total employment of the 65-up cohort is going up at the same rate as the population. That means the 65-up cohort is *NOT* contributing to the fall in the participation rate -- which is also indicated by the rise in the participation rate for this cohort.
I thought the Director of the FBI said last week that they knew all the Americans fighting for ISIS -- all 12 of them? And now they can *NOT* identify them? Can anyone in the Obama administration get *anything* right anymore?
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