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The Marxist Democrats of today think exactly like the Kings and Queens of Spain in the 1400's in that they think they have a Divine Right to the riches of the entire world. Just as the Kings and Queens of Spain raped the New World of its riches, the Marxist Democrats want to rape the entire world of its riches in order to further the Marxist Utopia in America. Profits earned from the people of Vietnam should only be taxed by the people of Vietnam, as an example. The US has no Divine Right to *any* share of that money. Yet the Marxist Democrats think *they* have a right to a share of it! It just goes to show how little the Marxist Democrats actually think of people, despite their protestations to the contrary.
The Treasury actually loses very little with these inversions. The businesses *still* do business in the US and pay US taxes on their profits. In fact, although I doubt the Marxist Democrats will admit it, these inversions actually allow *more* capital investment in America since the companies can use their overseas profits to advance their businesses in Amercia without having to pay taxes on those overseas profits. The US is one of only six remaining countries that don't do territorial taxing, i.e. no taxes on ovreseas corporate profits when they are repatriated. This inversion allows the businesses to take advantage of territorial taxing.
If the Marxist Democrats decide to try and punish those corporations that do an inversion they are quite likely to get slapped down by the SCOTUS one more time. Bills of Attainder are specifically forbidden in the US Constitution. Bill of Attainder: "A legislative act that singles out an individual or group for punishment without a trial." Of course it would not suprise me in the least that this prohibition would not bother the Marxist Democrats at all. They don't actually believe in the Constitution anyway!
The Constitution does not give the Executive branch the power to rule based on Congressional intent. Federal subsidies only exist if they are specifically authorized in the ACA. They were not. There is no ambiguity over this. Congresional intent can only be used to interpret an ambiguous statute. The ACA is not ambiguous on this. If the Supreme Court allows the President to rule based on his divination of Congressional intent regardless of the actual wording of a statute then the Supreme Court will have made the President into a Monarch.
Why is black turnout higher in states with voter id laws if voter id laws suppress the black vote?
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The Threat To The Scientific Method

upside22 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 12:10 PM
*IF*, and only if, you are comparing temperatures from when the change occurred to later temperatures does an change in calibration not matter. Otherwise you are bound to say it is hotter (or colder) today than it was before the calibration change happened. Which is what most of the global warming advocates are doing today. They are taking temperature readings from sites that have been progressively surrounded by concrete and asphalt and comparing them to readings taken when the conditions were different. That's why NOAA says its newest group of temperature sites across the US has shown DECLINING temperatures for the past decade instead of warming temperatures. It is only when the older sites are included that it shows temperature increases -- likely because the environment surrounding many of the old sites has changed so drastically.
Almost all of the infrastructure in this nation has been built by state and local government. That infrastructure includes far more than roads, it includes water treatment, sewers, streets, parks, etc. That's the way it *needs* to be. As one of the FF's said: government is best that is close to the people. That includes highway building.
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D'Souza's America

upside22 Wrote: Jul 22, 2014 8:15 AM
Men fail to live up to their moral code. All men are sinners. That does *NOT*, however, denigrate the striving for the gold ring that men go through attempting to live up to that moral code. America, being a nation of men, *has* had its failings. Yet it continues to strive to meet its ideals. It is that striving that is to be commended and which is what D’ Souza talks about in his movie. "Once love of country—patriotism—is defined to mean devotion to an abstract, inherently universal idea or principle, then geography is rendered morally irrelevant" Sorry, you just committed a logic error. Citizenship is *NOT* the same as devotion to an idea. Citizenship implies directly a geographical entity, not an abstract idea.
The Marxist Democrats of today are quite similar to the Kings and Queens of Spain in the 1400's. Both feel they have a Divine Right to the riches of other nations and continents. The Kings and Queens of Spain raped the New World of its riches. The Marxist Democrats of today think they have a Divine Right to rape the entire world for *its* riches! Money earned in Brazil came from the people of Brazil. The people of Brazil have the right to tax that money for its benefit. The Marxist Democrats do *NOT* have a Divine Right to tax that money to be used in building their Marxist Utopia here in America.
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The Truth About Violence in Chicago

upside22 Wrote: Jul 20, 2014 8:21 AM
"So would ending the drug war." Why are so many people so idiotic on this subject. Legalizing addictive drugs will only encourage more addicts. If the drugs aren't free, even if legal, those addicts will sooner or later turn to crime to fund their addiction. Nor is it obvious that it will have any impact on gang activity at all. All those young men will still remain on the inescapable island of their neighborhoods fighting over the scarce resources of the island. It will remain the same recipe for disaster that it is today.
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