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Obama: On Second Thought, I Will Push For More Gun Control

UPSETVET Wrote: Jul 27, 2012 7:32 AM
I believe Obama's comments about "gun control" are comical in light of his recent claim of executive privilege in regards to the "fast & furious" investigation. Obama and A/G Holder put thousands of automatic weapons into the hands of Mexican drug cartels. I find this hypocritical to say the least. Make no mistake about it, in liberal progressive language, "gun control" translates into "complete gun ban."
Ben550 Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 1:19 AM
I'd argue that they allowed SEMIautomatic weapons into cartel hands. I think that's what you meant, just making the distinction.

The automatic weapons that they show from time to time (machine guns, M16s that you can see the selector says "auto", etc) are what I'd like to see investigated. Seems that those had to have come from our government to their government, then bribed or extorted from the police, army, whatever, to the cartels. THOSE didn't come from any FFL in the states, guaranteed. Gotta love the pics of the RPGs, grenades, machine guns, etc, while the news person is talking about banning "assault weapons." Where do we start with the levels of stupidity in that?

It was just last week when White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stood in front of America and said President Obama would only work to curtail violent crime with "existing" gun laws. This was a response to reporters asking whether the President would pursue new gun control measures after a mad man killed 12 and wounded 58 people sitting unarmed in a gun-free zone theater.

The shooting has thrust the issue of gun control into the national spotlight with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg calling on both presidential candidates to better enforce gun laws on the...