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What you, con, refuse to know is: (1) a lot of young people hang out in a lot (2) gender roles are neither new or "older" and (3) one can accept homosexuality and not want to completely discard the tradition of marriage because the issue is not about civil rights - we all already have equal civil rights. No one, homosexual, bisexual, or otherwise, has a right to marriage. Please, I realize "they" probably didn't spoon feed it to you in school but, learn logical thinking; and lastly, talk for yourself next time lest you smear the reputations of everyone under 30. ...('they' not teach you math either, under 30? 1980?, whatever)
No, he's already up and how it goes: long winded explanation, excuse yourself for being "human", keep details fuzzy, and most importantly attack the source. Basically...ignore the fact that you're in a position of power entrusted to be able to control yourself.
lol tough guys with the guts to insult "rightwingers" even though traditional America is so dangerous clinging to our God and guns and all
And that has what to do with this race in MI, little puke? Yes, you're a spamming little puke. Get back to your puppet masters and ask what to do next.
Ok, educate yourself first. I don't care how you choose your words if you're completely uninformed.
"promoting" birth control? Anyone not know it exists? They'll gladly force you pay for their birth control though.
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Love Affair Gone Wrong

upnorthlurkin2 Wrote: Feb 07, 2014 5:42 PM
Turn brain on, then write
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The Inequality Bogeyman

upnorthlurkin2 Wrote: Jan 31, 2014 1:59 PM
why, he borrow one of yours?
I'm a farmer, hoping to inherit the family farm one day, and I'm "rich" too, dp.s. I get to come home to my family most nights and usually have a family dinner to end the day. And I won't and don't care to if I could anyway, see a penny from the farm bill now. The "direct payments" talked about netted me approx $860 last year (for context, crop insurance cost me apprx $2,400 last yr). Yes, crop insurance is subsidized but either I missed the boat on that or my agent sucks because it too hasn't been helpful when the crop was a disaster. I guess maybe you were talking about farmers like George Soros? I understand he's taken some help from the Farm Bill for a wind farm or some d@mn thing.
Goldie, Homeschool children. While we appreciate the attempt with the wildlife, the bears should really stay outside. Maybe you could start with trying to teach the bears to pick up after themselves? It's possible the children may pick up on it as well. The rest of us will be the better off for it and will thank you as we won't have to pick up after your children after they're "adults". Just some friendly advice. And what's "HAGD grasp"? Are you choking? Should we call for help?
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