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The Fed's Tightening Pipe Dream

Up2news Wrote: Mar 02, 2013 7:01 PM
I think we need look no further than the World Bank with it's control over Europe and the Federal Reserve. Along with the Briebart organization is all it takes to ruin the entire economy of the world and put them in control. We will end up a a one world currency and when one goes down they all go down - much like the Euro. To prevent that one world government would be needed to control it all. Does the picture seem to be developing?

Testifying before the US Senate this past Tuesday, Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke made an extraordinary claim about its bloated balance sheet: "We could exit without ever selling by letting it run off." What Bernanke means here is that the Fed could simply hold its Treasuries and agency bonds until they mature, at which point the government would then be forced to pay the Fed back the principal amount. Through this process, the Fed's unprecedented and inflationary position will be gradually and placidly unwound.

Growing rumors last month of a potential "tightening" of monetary policy - seemingly confirmed by the...