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Communism, Crime and the Republican Eclipse

Up2news Wrote: Feb 28, 2013 10:27 AM
Another big change is the strategy of the democrats. They used technology big time twisting words and using out right lies to boost the image of their candidates to a public that had learned to think "collectively" from the teachers of the left. Scare tactics such as "global warming", pollution by our industries, the evil of the rich not sharing their wealth. On and on they used this strategy on those that think entitlements and taking from others builds a great country. They have been so duped that they do not learn from history that socialism does nothing but destroy and so they vote for those that promise to give them a great society.

If you're a football fan, you've seen it happen. A coach bursts into prominence by using offensive or defensive innovations to produce victory after victory, championship after championship. For a long time, he's regarded as one of the best. And then, something happens.

First it's an upset loss here and there. Then it's a decline to mere respectability or mediocrity. The coach fires assistants, widens his search for players and tries new schemes. But nothing helps. Soon, the onetime genius is a has-been, out of ideas and out of work.

But it doesn't happen only in football. It also happens...