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But we have a law now that says the church can not speak out politically lest they lose their tax deduction. How unfair is that? The government intervening again to keep the church in it's place. What a bunch of lily-livered whooses afraid of losing votes.
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Why the Democrats are Winning

Up2news Wrote: Sep 18, 2013 10:29 AM
Do you remember "The Fountainhead" - for the common good? It's here.
Part of the problem with the government along with the shear ineptness of the personnel is the size. Any institution or business of that size can not be in full control. Add the inferior law making of Clinton to cut security on military basis and you have the making of a full blown homeland security disaster. I watched "The Fountainhead" part II last night - it is eerie how Rand foresaw exactly where our nation is headed today.
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